Good Times Roll

When we received the Giro New Road clothing we thought we were opening a box full of stylish clothes inspired in road cycling, just casual clothes to show your passion for cycling also through your clothes. We were pretty wrong! The clothing line from Giro New Road is extremely technical, the fabrics are top quality merino wool based and they fit perfect. We will not review the specs of them, all this information is at the official webpage, here we will talk about our feeling with them.

This line of clothing fits lots of purposes: commuting, meeting at a far away coffee shop, traveling, sunday ride, etc. We will write about all of these during the next months, today we will talk about the first.

The Giro New Road clothing allowes you to dress up in the morning and arrive at your office in a decent way, no matter how long is the way. Let’s be honest, we are all humans and after 10 minutes ride we start to sweat, specially on hot summer days. With the fabrics of these clothes, the sweat is simply extracted from your skin and you and your clothes become dry in just some minutes. Moreover, merino wool develops no smell so you will start your work day as fresh as you left your home, surprisingly you will need to wash it after your day, just because of hygienic issues, but rarely because they are smelly.

So, now the working day is over and you don’t even think on going home, a friend calls and wants to meet in that nice coffee shop in that hidden place in the other side of the city or the next town. No problem, you are ready to go. You put your shoes and your helmet on and go ahead, the procedure is exactly the same as before, naturally with the exercise you sweat, but this time even more because you have found some virtual finish lines and sprints in different traffic lights over your ride. Some minutes before arriving to the meeting point you slow down a little bit, you are dry and ready to have a coffee and look super cool on your fancy casual clothes.

One of the most amazing things of that clothes is when you come back home, you have two options, put the clothes at the laundry box or leave it at the chair for the next day. No one will feel the difference tomorrow. Could you imagine how comfortable would it be for a long cycling trip? We will explain you soon!


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Apparel: Giro New Road: Merino Polo, 5M Overshort Classic shorts, Merino Arm warmers, Giro Attack Shield Helmet, Giro Spada shoes.
Bike: GRStern RS-01 Custom color GoodTimesRoll.


Apparel: Merino base layer, 5M Overshort classic shorts, Giro APECkx shoes.
Bike: 8Bar Kreuzberg v4.0

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