Good Times Roll

20,000 Höhenmeter auf einer Distanz von 700km, über die westlichen, italienischen Alpen bis zur Küste in Süd-Frankreich. Das ist die Turin-Nizza Rally. Für den Long Dinstance Fahrer Joachim Rosenlund, seines Zeichens Bombtrack ambassador, hören sich solche Kennzahlen nach absolutem Spaß an und genau deshalb hat er sich bereits für die diesjährige Ausgabe erneut angemeldet.

The “Torino – Nice Rally” is not a race, it is rather food for your soul: an adventure with friends and a memorable experience. 700km on old military cols and scenic historical trade routes leading all the way from the western Italian Alpes down to the coast of southern France. 

In 2016 our ambassador JOACHIM ROSENLUND took part in the rally (on his HOOK EXT) and experienced some truly incredible unsupported bikepacking. The backdrop of Europe’s highest mountains never cease to take our breath away, but we couldn’t prepare ourselves for quite how spectacular his journey would be.

As an event in-between all Joachim’s annual long-distance competitions the “Torino-Nice Rally” seemed to be the perfect ‘recovery’ ride, without pressure, and ‘only’ 20,000m of elevation. The rally made such an impression on him that he’s already signed up for the 2017 edition again….to see what exactly brought him back for a repeat visit check out the video, and if you’re tempted to ride it yourself be sure to say ”Hi” to him in Turin.

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