Good Times Roll

Der zweite Film von den Jungs von Cycle Me Home ist online. Worum es geht beschreiben die Jungs so:

“After a rather successful film premiere last spring the team felt that cycling and filming is simply the right thing to do. The first abroad screening event called for the Berlin-Budapest Beer Ride, followed by the LEAP Tour (London-Edinburgh-Amsterdam-Paris), after which we kinda got tired of naming our trips. As a result, we ended up with an organized mess of random footage. It’s safe to say that we’ve visited a fair amount of cities from Toronto to Moscow since last spring, usually with one hand on the handlebar and camera in the other one.
What we have here then, is a collection of our traveling experiences, giving you a better insight of our lifestyle – and also on many unimportant things. Like how to win an alleycat in Madrid if you’re wasted. Or how they – I mean – what they roll in Riga. Things like that. Old and new faces, familiar and undiscovered places – one thing is sure: we ride fixies wherever we go.”



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