Good Times Roll

Andy Ellis und sein Fixed Mag ziehen um.

Fixed Mag 15

“Dear readers/riders,

Fixed Magazine is going through a transition period right now due to us currently relocating to sunny California. Our next issue (Fixed Magazine #16) which was due out this September, will now be delayed until November.

We don’t want to rush issue #16 at all, we want to deliver the same quality we always have done since we began in 2008.

If you are subscriber you will have your subscription extended to compensate for this inconvenience. We apologize for this delay and we hope you are able to understand.

Our relocation will not change the way the magazine operates, if anything the move will make Fixed Magazine 100% better!

Kind regards,

Andy Ellis
Editor and CEO”

Wir wünschen ihm alles Gute und warten freudig auf die nächste Ausgabe!

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