Good Times Roll

Ok ok I know I’m late, but at the moment there are so many things need to be done, I really had no time. Sorry for that but here we go with a quick recap about the Berliner Fahrradschau and the Fixed Days in general (I already told you about the amazing Rad Race event here).


I will make it short because where to start and what to say is not easy at all. Like I wrote before, we had a guided Berlin tour on Friday and there we met Steff and Mario of Madcityrides. Super nice people which quickly became friends and I hope to meet both again at the Red Hook in Barcelona this year. After that we had some nice burger, caught up with all the other guys of Angefixed, Fixedpott, Tru Fix Kru and I found some time to have a chat with my old mates of Sports Nut. In the evening the sprint race was held, next to the show. On saturday I wanted to have a relaxed time at the trade show, take pictures meet old friends and people I already knew or ever wanted to get known. I took pics, met friends and people but it’s not been relaxed. For the first time I’ve also been there as a “team manager” so Carlos and I had also meetings with some of our sponsors and we all had to get to the race location, too.

IMG_0352 IMG_0373

To tell you the truth, I think I could go on like this with endless words, but I promised to keep it short. So many new trends, little bike items for girls, fashion and accessories for kids, a wonderful handmade area, Goldsprint and Minidrome action. I took like 2600 pics of all these nice bikes, parts, people, action and whatever. Until mid of next week I will have uploaded my favorite 100 of them. Every bike enthusiastic who made it there knows what I’m talking about everyone who did not make it, plan your trip for next year, this show and everything around is worth it!

Thank you again Berlin and all the people spent their weekend with us, feel free to check the first pics here.

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