Good Times Roll

Today is the last day of 2016. As so many times before this year, I supposed to have ready a proper recap of the year. It didn’t happen as I wanted it to be. That for sure is something I have to work on. Anyhow the team and I had a great year. We didn’t compete in that many fixed gear races as in previous years but we still managed to travel to amazing places, met new friends from all over the world, grew as a team and most important we had many hours with good times on the bike.

That’s exactly why I started GoodTimesRoll and that’s exactly the most important thing we want to continue in 2017. We want to travel, meet people and enjoy cycling and already have planned some very very interesting and challenging events.

Thanks to all our sponsors, my teammates, all the followers and supporters, all my friends and my family! Have a nice evening and a super good start into 2017. Hope to see as many of you somewhere on the road.

Thanks and cheers,
Chris & the GoodTimesRoll Team