Good Times Roll

The GoodTimesRoll fixed team captain Carlos Serra started last week the Tegernsee MTB Marathon finishing in a really good 14th position in Elite category. That was the very first time we were testing in racing conditions the MTB tyres Maxxis had given to us, a pair of 29er Maxxis IKON Tubeless ready, which played a main role on getting that position at the end of the race. The race consisted in 3 main long uphills, not specifically a good scenario for a fixed rider, some quick gravy downhills and only a 3 kilometres long technical one. Here the testimony:


“In the first uphill I lost the top group and stayed in a second pack with a quick but more comfortable pace. The tyres rolled quick and felt light on the first part of asphalt and gravy trails, at the first downhill with the same gravy and slippery surface I broke away pulling some other riders in the back. Those tyres were just amazing, they had so much side-grip that you only need to do a gentle balance of the weight on the bike. The gap opened in this downhill was enough to reach the top of the second and shorter uphill with the group again. Unfortunately, the descent was not enough to break away again so, at the next uphill -extremely long for me- I was loosing some minutes with my reference group. Then a really technical and muddy downhill arrived, and I started to enjoy as a kid with a new toy. While I was downhilling I was passing by all my former “group-mates”, those who took me some time on the top, now they were stepped aside of the track. The MAXXIS IKON behaved so good on that muddy soil!


Although they are definetely not intended for this muddy and rocky ground, they allowed me to reach once more the top of the group. The last downhill, with the exact same conditions as the first one, was waiting for me and I used the opportunity to brake away. While I was flying on the curves I reached a solitaire 3 people group, now we were  4 people and worked together to roll over the last flat part of the track. It was not easy to keep the pace, we were really fast, but the low rolling resistance of that tyres allowed me to keep the speed and after playing my cards within that group, I went alone in the last 500 m to the finish.


All in all, I have the feeling that those tyres are an excellent all-rounders in racing conditions. With a price range below some of their direct competitors I really think they are just THE tyres for mountain bike this season. More Pics can be found over here and thank you to all our sponsors: Maxxis, Giro, 8bar, Relentless Energy, NHTC, Bagaboo, Chimpanzee, SM Parts!”