Good Times Roll

So nun soll es eventuell dann auch mal gut sein. Hier ist es dann, das Finale Video, genialer Schnitt, tolle Aufnahmen trotz schwierigster Lichtverhältnisse.

Thelema Artworks and Rockstar Games are proud to release the official video edit from the Red Hook Criterium Milano.

The tense moments before the start of the Red Hook Criterium Milano are visible in the athlete’s faces. A brief silence and the traditional countdown is followed by an explosion of action as the riders launch off the line. Former BMX champion Mario Paz Duque is the best on the first lap and wins the prime with a dominating sprint. The pace starts fast and remains high the entire race. Long lines of riders can only be properly viewed from high above the Bovisa circuit.

The lighting conditions at the RHC are always dramatic but with a power outage on half the circuit entering the dark tunnel at speed is a true challenge. This affects the top contenders little as they push huge gears and average speeds never seen before at the Crit.

Every inch of the road is fought over on every lap. Despite many new contenders it comes down to a rematch from 2012 with Evan Murphy and Eduard Grosu fighting for the win once again. On the last lap Murphy attacks early but is overtaken but a phenomenal Grosu. Neil Bezdek races powerfully throughout the night but at the end manages only third in a thrilling sprint between Pablo Rodriguez and Marius Petrache. This result is enough to secure him the inaugural Championship title over. Mash SF has an off race but still easily cliches the Team Championship point standings.

The spirit of the racers and the enthusiasm of the crowd is what makes the RHC special. We are proud to have Thelema Artworks onboard to show the world the powerful atmosphere that this community has created. We are looking forward to 2014 with great anticipation.

Music: Kap Bambino-Batcaves

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