Good Times Roll

Here we go again, back from Berlin, back home from an awesome weekend. We had a good time with our friends of Angefixed, Fixedpott, SOFB, Optimus Fixed, 8Bar, SM Parts and a lot of other people we met. So here is my race review and the first pics, more will follow within the next days.

RAD RACE Last Man Standing


I hope some of you have been at the Rad Race Last Man Standing event in Berlin at the past weekend. If you haven’t, I can tell you, you have missed a great race event! The entire Rad Race Crew did a great job, it was their first race, so we had no idea what to expect. I picked up my racebag at the Fahrradschau, easy going, good coordination within the crew and a well filled racebag including a bottle, cereals, stickers, race numbers. At the race location they build a riders area with bike stands, a tent for dressing up and spinning bikes to warm up before the race. I think every rider thought the curvy track would be really slippery but it really wasn’t. 112 male and 20 Female riders got their chance to get on the track in groups for warm up laps, after that the qualification runs started. For the first time our new GoodTimeRoll Racing Team appeared at a race.  After three hours of waiting, my group got on the track, sad but true I got crashed within the first 250 meters. I had a bad start, missed my clip pedal and tried to catch up with the group, after the first hairpin I had the chance to get from 7th to 5th position riding the inside line, but an unexperienced rider crossed my line and hit my frontwheel. Thanks at this point again to the Rad Race Crew and the medics for taking care about me! A bruised hip and shoulder, a little dent in the frame and damaged handlebar tape. I’ve been totally pissed, for sure, Sam got the chance to take my part in the group and the race was started again. Bad luck he got crashed after one lap by another rider, bruised elbow and also damaged bartape again (Note to myself, we need a bartape sponsor!).


Form then on Carlos had manage it for the team and he did. The races got faster and step by step the best riders qualified for the final runs. The girls got their final run right before the mens, and to make it short, my friend Mianzi dominated it. Bad luck also for Steff, she crashed and missed the podium. Carlos, Stefan, Max, Mario and 4 other guys made it into the mens final. It’s been a final like a Hollywood blockbuster. Full speed from the beginning, Carlos wanted to much and crashed, not that bad, but you can guess, also with a damaged bartape after that. Finest racing continued and the riders fought for their positions. Stefan from 8bar finished 3rd but now the fight for 1st and 2nd began. Mario has definitely been the hero of this race, he rode with a fixed freestyle bike, wide riser bars, a skinny jeans and t-shirt and chased Max of 8bar around the track. At the end he came in on 2nd place about 3 meters behind Max. 1 more lap and I won’t imagine what would have happened. Amazing race, the crowd was blessed and happy faces everywhere. After the ceremony we had a couple of drinks and the party began. That’s a wrap, looking forward to the next Rad Race event, hope to meet all these nice people again at a race this year, congratulation Carlos, first top 10 result for the team!

You can find the top 3 results below and more pics here. If you want one these pics drop me a mail or share them with credits to GoodTimesRoll.

1.MIANZI REI / Schindelhauer Bikes
2.CLAUDIA WEISS / Gorilla Urban Cycling
3.JULIETE ELLIOT / Coven Cycling

2.MARIO HERNANDEZ / Mad City Riders