Good Times Roll

Long time, no see…But here we go again with one of Raphas awesome videos showcasing their Gentlemen’s Race in Malaysia. Feel free to enjoy.

The Cameron Highlands has always conjured up stories from my childhood, told to me by my grandfather…stories of explorers delving deep into the dark rain forests in search of glory, the mysterious disappearances of interesting characters often having many conspiracies but often being added to the tiger’s tally. Images of dark and damp mornings, conifer trees engulfed in a thick fog waiting for the sun’s heat to lift the shroud, revealing hills of lush green and terracotta – the tea plantations, strawberry fields and the rich soil that feeds them. The windless baking mid-day heat, so hot that you sweat with every breath and the “out of no where” thunderous showers in the afternoon – nature’s way of cooling down the soaring temperatures.
Well, this years RGR in the Cameron Highlands lived up to my imagination – the night before, it had rained constantly causing some minor landslides, spreading mud, stones and debris across some of the higher mountain side roads. The fog was thick and low but the energy levels and chatter on the start line was high. The 19 teams coming from across the Asia Pacific region were excited and keen to get under way, they’d only just received the route cards and were still trying to comprehend what a 50km descent was going to be like, never mind the idea of 50km climb after 150km.

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