Good Times Roll

Is it crazy to load your car with bikes, parts, rollers, and different other gear and drive 900km to take part in a race and go back home the day after? No it’s not! If you didn’t made it to this years Red Hook Final in Milan, you should better be prepared to be there next year. Even just for hanging around at the race track and wait until the final riders enter the course, this moment was worth every single second! So here we go with a short review about the Red Hook Final weekend.

We packed our car ( thanks to Sams dad for helping us out! ) on thursday evening and met with the guys of Team Fixedpott to have a relaxed way down to Italy. We haven’t been in a hurry because the Villa we booked wouldn’t be available before 9 in the morning so it’s been a relaxed ride. The Villa was amzing, enough space for our bikes, and for relaxing like everywhere. Martijn and Hendrik of Sir Pete completet the gang for this weekend and we went for chilled groupride through Milanos crazy traffic. It’s easy to ride there as long as you don’t take care about anything, if you do you’ll probably get killed. Scooters, cars, cobblestones, pedestrians everywhere. After beeing at the dome we went back to our residence for doing the grociery and relaxed until it was time to visit the pre race party. To be honest, last years party had the much better location and a better vibe, so we left quite early.

Race day ! Carlos our Team captain didn’t made it to Milano because his car broke down on the way there, so Sam and Nils had to show that they can consist in the qualifycation on their own. Everyone was nervous because this is the race all the guys have trained for the whole season, and Reimer of Team Fixedpott wanted to show what he’s able to do due to the bad luck in Bracelona. As we arrived the parking space was already filled with teams from all over the world, and we build our own team spaces with WIT so our riders could feel comfy. I spent the time with walking around, meeting friends like the guys from Cykeln Magazine or Juliett and her husband Dave, Adam of Stanridge Speed and the Mash SF guys, take pictures of the other qualifiers and try to relax and calm down with the guys. Time for our group to archieve a spot within the top 85 for the final. Sam and Nils teamed up with the 8bar team. Good choice, 2 relaxed rounds and the a team train on full throttle. Unfortunately Nils wasn’t able to keep the pace because of two other riders that passed his way and he hasn’t been able to close the gap again, 6 seconds behind the other guys.One of the countless crashs during the qualifiers stopped his ambitions to try it with another fast lap because the qualification of this group was not restartet although they had 7 minutes left.

Due to the amount of bad crashs the race organisers decided to cancel the last chance race after all qualifiers were done and we felt really happy that it stayed dry the entire day, didn’t want to image what would happened if the track would have been wet. At the end Sam, Stefan and Jan made the cut into the final and it’s been a final like written for a hollywood production. The crownd at the start/finish line was stomping and clapping as the riders moved slowly in the starting grid, warm up lap, countdown….and then it was on. 25 rounds, the fastest 85 riders from all over the world all at once on this high speed course. Marion Paz Duque sprinted for the first lap prime and the pace was held high the entire race. I guess last years fastest time was undercut by 7 seconds, just for you to imagine about the quality of the participants. All riders rode at their limit without agressive or dangerous manouvers so no crashes in the final, first time this year. At the end Reimer managed to take the 23rd place (best German racer) and Sam finished his first Red Hook race on a faboulus 44th position. We’ve all been so stoked about the results and the race so we decided to go back to our villa and host our own private after race party.

Sunday we’ve all been a bit tired and after cleaning the house and packing the cars again it was time for us to head back home. What else to say? Thank you Dave Trimble and team for hosting this event, all the riders to be profesisonal and take care about each other in the final, a fast recovery for the crashed riders, thanks to Sir Pete and our buddies of Team Fixedpott for this fantastic weekend. We’ll be back next year for sure to meet our friends and make new, at the end that’s what weekends like these are made for!

More pictures will follow within the next days, so also go and check out our Facebook page !

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