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Last weekend the Schwarzwaldgiro took place at Freiburg, a german city close to the borders of France and Switzerland. Organized by Europeantouches cycling club and its visible head, Philipp, this event has really materialized what the cycling trend is all about nowadays.

First I spent some previous days riding with my friend Elgavacho at L’Alsace, concretely in the area of Les Vosges. This french region is full of medieval towns in which the main economic activity is all around the wine production and so it is the landscape. With mountains above the 1200m the fun is totally secured, plus there is the possibility to step by the different villages to have a piece of fine cheese with some wine at the end of the ride, all together  just makes the area a must-visit place.

I will let the pictures explain themselves better than me and you can check the pre-rides in strava: 1st Pre Tour & 2nd Pre Tour


Talking about the Schwarzwald giro, we skipped the prologue on Saturday because we were staying still in France and not that close to the meeting point, but I have to say that after meeting all the guys the next day, we really regret it. The original event started on Sunday, at the Biosk, a cool meeting point in Freiburg where really good coffee and snacks are served with a really welcoming attitude. When we arrive there was already a bunch of 30 people with their respective bicycles and from the beginning to the end it was all about enjoying the ride together! To tell the truth, I was the first to make the group stopping, two flats in a time span of 5 minutes!

There were two groups, one starting from Basel and the other from Freiburg, after the meeting point the serious stuff started. During all the ride there was rock and roll waiting for everyone at the uphills, but right at the top everyone was regrouped and the same happened after downhilling. The scenery was beautiful all along each kilometer and though some graveled paths added some flat tires to the total bill it was worth the fun. Finally, we had a really cool surprise almost at the end with the Biosk Mobile Van which brought us in the middle of “no-where” coffee, brezen, amazing bio-pastry and the sweetest apple I have ever tasted.


All in all, I think that this event is going to become the referent or at least the example of what the road cycling scene is shifting to. It can’t become much bigger because it will lose its essence but I am pretty sure it is the very beginning of a new way of understanding cycling events.

A big thank to the photographers and anna – whose pictures have been used here-, the crew inside the support car, the Biosk guys and the europeantouches club for taking care of everything. My grade for the event  is a 10 out of 10.

We also want to thanks our sponsors:  #8bar #gironewroad #maxxistires #nhtc #relentlessenergy #chimpanzee #bagaboo #smparts  and specially to GR Stern Bikes who provide us with the amazing machine that we will review soon here.

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